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Sure we can! Our DTG printers make use of eco friendly water based CMYK colour inks. In CMYK there are four different colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. There are more than 10 million different colour possibilities that we can print! We don’t charge by per colour used like screen printing, we charge by per quantity garments ordered.

We can print up to 50cm x 50cm, be it a logo, photo, illustration – you name it. We generally print A4 or A3 sizes on garments as we can not print over seams or collars.

We recommend that you stick to 300 dpi plus to ensure top quality prints, as we can’t guarantee that low res images will look clean and crisp. Graphics under 300 dpi may also look pixilated, but if that’s the look you’re going for, who are we to judge? volutpat lectus.

You bet we can. Our machines can print photo-quality images, which means it can handle gradients, halftones, fine detail, etc. View our Portfolio to see our impressive printing capability.

You bet we can. Our machines can print photo-quality images, which means it can handle gradients, halftones, fine detail, etc. View our Portfolio to see our impressive printing capability.

No we can print on any colour garment. Unlike older DTG technology, our machines print a layer of white ink on pretreated darker garments first then the colour layer on top. This gives you a more photo like quality print rather than the light shirts without the pretreatment and white ink which gives you a printed piece of paper/ vintage effect.

DTG printing has the best results when printed on 100% cotton. Our water based inks like porous tight bound material with minimal fluff on the surface, this is why we love our favorite t-shirts that are made with fine combed cotton.

In the washing machine! Because the DTG ink penetrates into the fabric, our printed tees are as washable as they come. Just to be on the safe side, turn your tee inside out, wash in cold water, and do not iron on the print. We like the quick wash cold cycle as we like to keep it as eco-friendly as we can and your shirts will have great longevity. Oh did we mention that your image won’t crack or peel when following the instructions.

we accept Wechat, Alipay and union pay credit or debit cards. We use a more secure way for our payments that is direct tranfers. There is no risk on our payments because we dont use any third part and all transfers have records.

First you need to register as a vendor and subscribe to be able to start selling products on our site. All you just need is a design, so you can easily make one on our site studio designer or you can upload your own design on our design studio. we charge different amount depending on the product and design, so you can see the amount after creating your product( e.g you T shirt design costs ¥60 on scunk nation including shipping, then you can upload that design on your shop and start selling it for ¥110, if someone buys that product you can see it on your shop and we will do everything until the customer receives the t shirt. Your profit will be calculated automatically and you will be able to withdraw it soon as the customer receives it) you can manage all your products and orders from your shop. So if you make ¥30 per T shirt and manage to sell 10 T shirts per day thats ¥9000 coming every month without any investment or labour. We also have some subscription plans for vendors to increase their sells and profits.

After registering your shop you can choose a subscription that also allows your products to be featured and posted on our social media platforms, our customers and followers will we able to recognize your design. It also gives your designs a tendency and potential for more customers to like and buy your design. We also have about 400 custom made design template and over 3000 clip arts you can use to come up with a great design with less effort.

Our website allows you to track your orders directly at any time. After your order is processed we will send you a notice and you will get a tracking number and a tracking option. To get this tracking number you can simply go to your account and click orders, under orders you will see your order and a tracking button you can simply press it and track your order.

Scunk Nation CA is a T shirt printing company that also offers print on demand services. Any person can upload or design anything on our site and will will print it on your T shirts using high quality printing technology. This platform also allows anyone to sell their designs and we will handle the printing and shipping for the customer that means anyone can start a business here without any investments or risk!

Never. Whether you want 1, 100, or 10,000 – let’s do this! We suggest to get one shirt done per design to make sure you don’t want to tweak the files before printing loads more.

Want a high quality printed t-shirt that turns heads? Please follow these instructions and specifications, or suffer the odd and possibly distorted consequences:

  • Images with a transparent/alpha background, remove any unwanted marks. Our printers see everything and will print anything that is in the image even if you don’t see it.
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files are preferable but we also accept (.png) (.pdf) (.eps) (.ai)
  • Ensure the images are a minimum of 300 dpi resolution

We are quick, but our magic takes time. From the minute we get your payment it takes approximately 3-5 business days (depending on the size of the order) for us to make it better than you imagined. So please, have a little patience.