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Now print your digital designs in vivid colors on fabrics!

Now print your digital designs in vivid colors on fabrics!

DTG or Direct to Garment printer is the perfect solution for Garment printing. The familiar Inkjet technology is used in DTG to print directly on the fabric. This process is very simple as DTG holds the garment in a fixed position and the ink is directly injected into the material which is absorbed by the garment fibre. This technology is quite similar to our normal printer, the only difference being, instead of paper, we use garments.

DTG can offers many advanced garment printing solutions that other printers cannot:

Prints Directly on the Fabric

DTG prints directly on the material. The printer injects colour pigments directly on to the fabric. This makes the final print very soft.

DTG M2 T Shirt printer

M2 DTG printer

Vivid Colours

While colour-mixing can be quite challenging in other fabric printing techniques, DTG offers the easiest colour printing solutions for fabrics. They can recreate colours, even the finest details, and the gradients.

Easy to Set up

DTG printers are easy to set up. It is quite similar to the regular inkjet desktop printers used at home and offices.

Complex Designs are always welcome

DTG can reproduce difficult designs and can make the highest quality garments.

Works perfectly on Cotton Materials

DTG has water-based inks which work best with cotton and synthetic blend materials (70% cotton). If you want the best output, cottons are the best to go!

DTG M6 T Shirt Printer

M6 DTG Printer

Best for Customized printing

DTG is the best solution for personalized printing. With DTG, you can now get vivid colours and gradients printed on fabrics with your digital designs.

The DTG Technology

DTG technology is being used since the 1990’s.  The first commercial DTG printer was named ‘Revolution’, developed by DIS of Bradenton in US. It was created by Matthew Rhome, who is known as the Father of DTG. It took him a while to figure out how to address the clogging problem of the ink, after which DTG was made available commercially.

DTG technology came at the right time when the garment manufactures were looking for a better option than the meticulous screen-printing technology which made its popularity soar quickly.

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